Diamond Guide


The importance of a diamond's cut has more to do with the proportion and precision than the diamonds actual shape. This gives a diamond the desired brilliance. When looking for a diamond, be sure to look for a more precisely cut stone. Poorly cut diamonds result in a dull and less lustrous diamond. (See Figure Below)


Clarity is determined by the inclusions in the diamond. These are natural occurrences, but the fewer inclusions the better when judging a diamonds clarity. (See Figure Below)


Carat is a measurement of weight, not size or value. A larger stone may be what is desired, but the cut, clarity and color will be a factor on the value and brilliance of the diamond. (See Figure Below)


A diamonds preferred color is colorless. Rating for a diamond ranges from D colorless to Z saturated. Ideal selection for a quality diamond is anything near colorless or colorless. A Caro74 diamond has a color rating of GH. Some diamonds go beyond the color spectrum and become so saturated with color they become a "fancy" diamond. (See Figure Below)